ESC FlyColor 6A 2-3S OPTO rev counter


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Over time, FlyColor controllers are gaining more and more popularity among ora users with higher and higher grades. Specially designed for multirotor models - the regulator immediately responds to the throttle change !!

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CategoryElectronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

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ESC rotation regulator FlyColor 6A 2-3S OPTO
for brushless motors

Over time, FlyColor regulators are gaining increasing popularity of
among users and higher and higher ratings.
Specially designed for multirotor models
- the regulator responds immediately to the throttle change !!
Optimized software ensures perfect compatibility with brushless motors.
These controllers are pre-configured so that
are easy to use, very intelligent and easy to adapt.
Base frequency supported - 450 Hz - recommended.
Depending on your flight controller you can operate the frequency up to 600 Hz!
Based on high quality MOSFET transistors
- they give high efficiency and high current strength.


Model: FW006003
Rated current: 6A (8A - 10 seconds)
Input voltage: 2-3S (12.6V) < br class = "def" /> BEC: NIE
Smooth and linear throttle control
Quick response on throttle < br class = "def" /> Software SimonK
Withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius!
Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 450 Hz
Overheating and under voltage protection
RPM capability: 240000RPM (2 poles) 80000RPM (6 poles) 40000RPM (12 poles)
Throttle range adjustment, compatible with different receivers.
Weight: 8 g