FPV ImmersionRC 2.4 Ghz RHCP 13dBi SpiroNet antenna


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ImmersionRC antenna it is circularly polarized, light and has high efficiency.

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Typ polaryzacjiKołowa - RHCP

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FPV ImmersionRC Antenna 2.4 Ghz RHCP 13dBi SpiroNet

ImmersionRC antenna - high quality antenna,
circularly polarized and lightweight.
Is perfect a device that can amplify the
2.4 GHz video / transmitter / telemetry signal with 13 dBi gain.
The SpiroNet antenna was manufactured with very high accuracy.
All of these antennas are 100% tested on a professional antenna tester -
Rhode & amp; Schwartz to ensure maximum coverage and performance.


-connect: SMA compatible with all products 2.4GHz Fatshark / ImmersionRC
-polarization: circular-right 2.4Ghz ISM
-Gain : 13dBi
-Width of beam: 35 degrees (H + V)
-F / B indicator: 35dB, 1: 1.35 VSWR (focused on 2450mhz)
-Impedance: 50 ohms
-Size: 190x190mm
-Weight: 300g