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OpenPilot CC3D is a universal controller for multicopter flights. It allows flight stabilization, additional stabilization of the camera (gimbal on the servos) and many more!

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Flight Controller CC3D OpenPilot-32 bit-processor autopilot + housing

Openpilot CC3D is a versatile air traffic controller for multicopter.
It allows the stabilization of flight, an additional stabilization of the camera (the gimbal on servers) = "def" /> and much more!
Made in the mini version of the housing.
Version with a horizontal header pins.

To the controller you can upload other software CleanFlight.

Elements of the controller:

The Board has a 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer: MPU-6000
6 PWM channels
4 MB internal memory
USB interface for easy setup
and other


FW: 15.02.02
Micro-controller with powerful 32-bit processor STM32,
working in 90MIPs with 128 KB of Flash memory and a 20 KB RAM
Has a 3-axis high-performance MEMS gyroscopes at 3
and accelerometer also, high performance
Mini plate dimensions: 36 mm * 36 mm
Very comfortable and versatile software for Windows, Mac and Linux
CC3D also offers an innovative Flexi-port,
that allows connectivity via I2C or serial port
The project OpenPilot is still being developed.
The software is free under the GPLv3 license.
Size: 39 mm x 38 mm x 13 mm
Size: 36 mm x 36 mm
Weight: 20 g