GPS NEO 7M module with APM 2.6 compass


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GPS module NEO 7M with compass HMC5883L.

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GPS module NEO 7M with compass
for APM 2.6, 2.8 and others

GPS module NEO 7M with compass HMC5883L.
GPS in high accuracy and high sensitivity
with built-in compass and cabling.
Works with APM 2.6 2.8 ArduPilot.
After replacing the plug or using the adapter it also works with PIXHAWK !!
(additional plug in the set)


- Main layout: U-BLOX NEO-6M / 7M
- Dimensions of the mounting hole: 30mm x 30mm
-Original chip ublox6m
-Module: UBLOX 6M GPS module
-Slip: & lt; 0,02m / s
-Memory: EPPROM
-Maximum speed: 515 m / s
-Compass: 5883 chip < br class = "def" /> -Interfejs: serial and I2C combo interface
- Voltage: 3.5V - 5.5V
-Temp. work: -40stC - + 80stC
- Cable length 25cm

Description of pins:

Red cable-VCC
Black cable-GND
Yellow cable-RXD
Blue cable- RXD
Gray cable -SCL
White cable - SDA