Programmer of ESC RC MayTech regulators


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MayTech brushless controller programmer. Designed for changing or updating BlHeli or SimonK software in MayTech regulators or other regulators with ATMEGA8.

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KategoriaRegulatory silników (ESC)

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ESC RC Regulator Programmer MayTech

MayTech brushless controller programmer.
Intended to change or updating the software
BlHeli or SimonK in MayTech regulators or in other regulators with ATMEGA8.
Made of high quality electrical components.
It is connected from one side to the ESC regulator,


- Downloading SimonK or Blheli software to normal ESC with ATMEGA8
- Update from SimonK and BlHeli to the latest version
-Changing software from SimonK to BlHeli and vice versa.
-Customize parameters in BlHeli software according to your needs