ESC30A Regulator Maytech SimonK OPTO 2-6S


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High quality regulators of the renown Maytech company with SimonK software !! The MayTech 30A OPTO STC rotation controller is equipped with dedicated SimonK optimized software.

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KategoriaRegulatory silników (ESC)

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ESC 30A rotation regulator Maytech SimonK OPTO 2-6S for brushless motors

High quality revolution regulators from the renowned Maytech company with SimonK software !!
MayTech 30A revolutions controller OPTO STC is equipped with dedicated optimized < br class = "def" /> SimonK software, thanks to which it works well in advanced models.
These controllers operate at frequencies up to 450 Hz. This allows frequent refreshes,
which improves response to every change in throttle.
Maytech regulators are known for their reliability compared to other brands on the market.


-Description: Multikopters class: 330/350/450/500/600
- Input voltage: 2-6S LiPo
-Standard current: 30A
-Supply current: 40A
-Waga: 26
- Software: latest SimonK -
- Dimensions: 45x17.5x10mm
- Programming: transmitter
- Quick refresh system: the controller works at 450Hz.
-Made from high quality materials.