ESC FlyColor 40A 2-6S OPTO rev counter


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Over time, FlyColor controllers are gaining more and more popularity among users and higher and higher grades. Specially designed for multirotor models - the regulator immediately responds to the throttle change !!

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ESC rotation regulator FlyColor 40A 2-6S OPTO for brushless motors

Over time, FlyColor regulators are gaining increasing popularity of
among users and higher and higher ratings.
Specially designed for multirotor models
- the regulator responds immediately to the throttle change !!
Optimized software ensures perfect compatibility with brushless motors.
The controllers have default settings so that
are easy to use, very smart and easy to adapt.
Base frequency supported - 450 Hz - recommended.
Depending on your flight controller you can operate the frequency up to 600 Hz!
Based on high quality MOSFET transistors
- they give high efficiency and high current strength.


Model: FW040006
Rated electricity: 40A (50A - 10 seconds)
Input voltage: 2-6S (25.2V) < br class = "def" /> BEC: NIE
Smooth and linear throttle control
Quick response on throttle < br class = "def" /> Software SimonK
Withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius!
Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 450 Hz
Overheating and under voltage protection
RPM capability: 240000RPM (2 poles) 80000RPM (6 poles) 40000RPM (12 poles)
Throttle range adjustment, compatible with different receivers
Weight: 39 g
Size: 45 * 27 * 10 mm