"Brushless motor X2804, 2280kV - CCW -"


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Brushless motor X2804, 2280kV - CCW -

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Brushless motor X2804, 2280kV - CCW

The X2804,2280kV engine is designed
for the drive of multi-impeller models such as Robocat270, QUV250 or F330.
CCW version - counter-clockwise direction!
An integrated hub is attached to the engine.

Engine parameters:

Size: X2804
Revolutions per 1 Volt: 2280kv
Power supply: 2-3S (7.4V - 11.1V)
Weight: 23g
Max. power: 140w
Sizes: 28mm * 13mm (28mm * 23mm with thread)
Diameter of shaft: 5mm
Suggested propellers: 5 "i 6"
Cap with clockwise thread (silver)

(in order to unscrew the cap by holding it in your hand you should turn it like in most popular screw-in objects such as a bulb or a car vent)

In the set:

CCW motor with integrated hub
set of fixing screws